God of Children and Beast Perversions

     The self-indulgent, ageless eleven-year-old hermaphrodite Pooh is a teacher of hedonistic free expression and devoted to spreading the sacredness of intergenerational, incestuous, interspecies, and necrophilic relations. He has amassed a large online following.  

     The prepubescent child god is married outside his species to a supernaturally-sized fruit bat and pursues a number of human and beastly couplings, be they living or dead. As an Eternal, he has been charged with the collection of the souls of corrupted children from throughout time. This under the direction of an evil being known as the Candyman.   

     His Acolytes adore him and believe him to be the God of Children and Beast Perversions. Adherents to the Path of Pooh embrace a non-judgmental and uninhibited lifestyle. Initiates into the cult undergo a spiritual “knotting”. In Poohism this can be a figurative or literal sex bonding between a human and an animal, preferably beginning in childhood, but not limited to any age. After a knotting they are considered members of the Pooh Zoo.

        His constant companions include his husbat, a semen-spitting cobra, a pair of underage incestuous brothers, a Barbary Coast pirate that serves as the god’s muscle, a polio-stricken four-year-old dwarf, a harelipped prince, and Pooh’s long-time lover Tatters - a resurrected African slave that was killed with Pooh after they were discovered engaging in a pedophiliac interracial affair on an 18th Century plantation. They dwell together on the Isle – a living soul of yet to be determined origins.    

     Pooh has totally embraced his madness and pledged his fealty to the being that made him an immortal, Ugandan god Ruhanga.      

Willfully Repellent: Madness of Pooh Book One

Pooh needs soldiers…child soldiers. One can't very well battle the Candyman without them. So begins his quest through time to gather the forces the immortal imp will need for the coming war. One hitch though: Pooh must first find a way to corrupt and kill young boys in order for them to be sent to the realm known as The Isle where Candyman is lord and god in order for the rebellion he wants to lead to take place. Not just any boy gets banished to The Isle after death. That requires a boy to have been involved in some very delinquent behavior even when said behavior was forced on them. 

Willfully Repellent Deluxe Edition

Willfully Repellent is now available in a deluxe edition. This is THE version for true Pooh acolytes. Here you get material not seen elsewhere for an enhanced experience! Willfully Repellent - Deluxe Edition - Madness of Pooh Book One includes 90 full-color photos, Mission: Prince Harelip, an extended ending that blends in the harrowing life of preteen pop rocker Connor Clark, plus a detailed character profile on Pooh with some amazing and naughty stuff! 
If you ever wondered what it was like having sex with a 400-pound loggerhead sea turtle or what the smegma of a Barbary Coast pirate tastes like, you're going to find out...in great detail. 

About the Novels

This series brings you the tales of a once mortal anti-hero named Pooh, a physically preteenish hermaphrodite with a taste for men, pain, and depravity and the powers to traverse time and space - powers he uses to corrupt the minds of those he considers pawns in his cosmic war against the god he fully intends to replace. 

From Ancient Rome, Nazi-Occupied Europe, the Wild West, the Antebellum South, and beyond, the puckish Pooh gathers his child soldiers for an outright rebellion against the supernatural world of The Isle and its evil overseer Candyman, while having a lot of deviant adventures along the way. With his trusted sidekick and lover Tatters, a barely keeping it together cannibalistic zombie of gigantic proportions, being drug along for the journey, and Pooh's faithful husbat minding the store, things are going to be strange indeed. Join the Path of Pooh today.   

Gift to Acolytes

As a Christmas gift to Pooh Acolytes we're giving a free digital copy away for the rest of the year. It's available on this website to download as a PDF.   

Fan Favorite Character Connor Clarke


Connor Clarke

The scandalous preteen sissyboy pop rocker is now dead and shacked up with Pooh on the Isle. He's been made an Eternal and is now assigned to Pooh as mission trainee Agent 69.  

Charley Little Robe

Madness of Pooh character Charley Little Robe is based on the real-life adventures of child prostitute and kiddie zoo performer Derrick. Meet the character and the teen and watch some hot zoo vids.

Thomas the Younger

The K9-loving preteen appeared in Willfully Repellent. He'll be the main character in the next novel Knotting Thomas. For now you can enjoy seeing the nude eleven-year-old play with werewolf cum.

Bat Fellatio Guide

Everything you ever wanted to know about giving a bat a blow job from the expert himself - Pooh! Get the low down on bat oral sex habits, penis size, and the volume and taste of bat cum.

Kid Zoobies

Pooh has his own menagerie of kiddie zoo performance artists that live stream, shoot vids and photos, and have a knotty time showing off for everyone. Come check out the youngsters now.

Sparrows Models

You acolytes have seen our beloved Zoobie Sara's K9 videos. Now Sparrows is featuring the ten-year-old in several very sizzlin photo and video sets. Go check out that hot nymphet bum now.

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Adorn Yourself Acolytes

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And, yes, they have the full Hyena Harem line up, including the BFD! 

See that big K9 red slider spinning around? That's what 16-year-old Declan uses to knot his kid brother Connor with in Book One. The twelve-year-old pop rocker sure loves it.  It's the scandal that begins the chinwagging. 


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